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Paper A4

Pro-Office is the best company that offers a wide range of products including A4 printing paper. Copier paper is specifically designed for writing advertisement copy, newspaper copy, etc. Standard copy paper is thinner than printer paper. These are multifunctional papers that you can use on any machine. You can also use copier paper as photocopy paper because it is great for photocopying.


It is used for everyday inkjet or laser printing. Copier paper is the paper of the next generation. These sheets are super smooth and free of jams. Copy paper is less expensive than printer paper and is simple to use.


Choose the Right Photocopy Paper by Considering the Following Factors


Size - When purchasing printer paper, size does matter. There is a paper size to accommodate any type of project that has to be printed, from a business card to a large-format copy of an architectural plan.


Weight - The thicker and stiffer the stock, the higher the weight of the paper. Cover stocks are heavier in weight and have the feel of thin cardboard. Text stocks are normal-weight papers.


Brightness - This is how light interacts with the paper. The brightness of paper, measured on a scale of 0 to 100, influences the clarity of images and text in a printed job. On this scale, most papers are in the 90s.